Reasonable Tips for Buying a Pre-owned Laptop

So you seek the best value for money pre-owned laptop – preferably budget-friendly, but still as functional as new? It won’t be an easy task. There are many factors and perhaps even more details to take into account if you want to end up with the best possible solution, not just a costly mistake. Here are the most useful tips that turn buying a used laptop into an idea worth considering:

Don’t fall for lies

Although this is obviously the most basic and obvious thing to know, thousands of users are still being scammed every day. The second-hand laptop market can be tricky, especially if you are not trying your luck in a shop specializing exclusively in second-hand laptops, but in an online marketplace dominated by private individuals, for example. 

Scammers or fraudsters are always present in such online markets, but that should not be a deterrent, just be careful. Unfortunately, in many such advertisements, the seller often simply states that the machine has an i3, i5 or i7 processor and a 2, 4 or 6GB video card. These are not very tangible pieces of information, so you shouldn’t buy a phone on the basis of that much, because you don’t choose a phone on the basis of mere hints on its actual condition. Always check the exact configuration: exact type of the processor, specifications of the graphics card, and exactly how much memory is in there? 

Knowing the details and specifications of the option at hand, look for similar or even the same type of laptop so that you have a basis for comparison in terms of pricing and device state. It can be helpful to ask the vendor for a report using AIDA64, as it will give you all the relevant hardware details.

Do not share credit card details and do not pay in advance

This is a very obvious point, but one should always be suspicious if somebody wants to make you pay in advance or, worse still, really wants to know credit card details, as these are typical cases where unsuspecting users can be forced to pay a lot for their own trust and recklessness. Of course sometimes you can see enough positive feedback or conduct some background check on the company.


Ask questions

The seller probably didn’t put the devices up for sale by accident, they are obviously there to get rid of those. But there are certain obligations that they will have to fulfill in the interests of their own business. This includes being prepared to answer any questions that a potential buyer may have, so don’t be afraid to ask questions – it is smart and totally appropriate. If the seller has nothing to hide about the product, they will be happy to answer, but if they refuse for whatever reason, find another seller. It’s not such a small market, you’re bound to find the right seller sooner or later.

Know what you are looking for

It’s good to have specific ideas when buying a laptop, but don’t be rigid. Flexibility is much more helpful. It is equally important to be prepared, i.e. to have a fixed idea, but also to be well informed, have a plan B and, if need be, strike on an even better option. And it is essential to have at least a layman’s knowledge of the subject, so that there are no surprises that you won’t be able to react to quickly and appropriately. But if you don’t want to spend the time reading numerous reviews, it’s advisable to buy from an established and reliable dealer.

Test the laptop before you buy

A brand new laptop that hasn’t been installed and is still in its packaging is obviously not something you can test, but one of the beauties of the second-hand market is that it has already been through a few rounds. This means that they can be switched on, tried out and tested. In this case, it is worthwhile to check a few key features thoroughly before finalizing the purchase, only if everything is in order. 

For example, checking the charger and its socket, i.e. whether it detects when it’s plugged in and charges the device, whether the USB ports, webcam, microphone and keyboard are working properly, whether the fans are working, whether the display is free of any faults, or whether the speakers are working. It’s also worth checking the hard drive, or more specifically, that its storage volume is as big as you’re told. 

As a precaution, you can even run a short stress test, although if everything is fine when you get to the stress test, there’s a good chance that there won’t be a big problem here. Finally, even a new laptop, let alone a pre-owned one, may need professional repair. That’s when you should turn to professionals such as the Smart Addiction team.

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